To date, there have been over 100,000 times a teen has opted to attend meetings for support and outreach.

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Our Mission

The mission of Teen Addiction Anonymous is to empower all youth
to believe in, to focus upon, and to commit to positive personal success
through the MPOWRD leadership program.

The Reality

The top three reasons that teens are dying in our nation:
accidental deaths (inclusive of overdoses), suicide, binge drinking

The Nation

The top twenty-five metropolitan cities report that “One in Seven Youth” are not working nor are they in school. Measures in America research study

It is time to empower our youth by developing leadership and prevention skills!

  • support scholarships for MPOWRD educational seminars in high schools to instill leadership and prevention skills within teen-driven groups
  • support CYBER MPOWRD productions for outreach and support to all teens through educational videos addressing life challenges
  • support efforts to eliminate opioid addiction through PREVENTION/EDUCATION

 Every dollar donated will be used toward saving the life of a child.
We can no longer ignore the reality of addictive behavior and
 the challenges that face this generation.

  •  Donations to Teen Addiction Anonymous will be used to expand MPOWRD outreach to teen communities in our schools.

Please send your check to:

Teen Addiction Anon. MPOWRD program
33917 N. 23rd Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85085

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Teen AA is a nonprofit organization and has a 501c3 Status.

All donations are tax deductable.

Please include your name and address, so that we may issue you a receipt.

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